About Us


About Us

South Florida's Premier Early-stage Cleantech-focused Investment Group

Power Generations Inc. is committed to powering a greener generation through strategic partnerships and alliances with Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Investors, and Researchers. Our focus is on investing in the development of disruptive Cleantech companies with the potential for exponential growth, strong ROI, and proprietary technologies that have a positive impact on the earth’s environment, increase efficiency, reduce costs, create green jobs, improve sustainability and further US energy independence.

Cleantech encompasses an array of sectors including energy storage, efficiency, emissions control, equipment and materials innovation, enhanced agricultural practices, water production, green transportation, advanced materials development and more. Growth in Cleantech is driven by opportunity and necessity. Developments such as an increasing population and a changing climate increase the level of demand on natural resources and create a need for cleaner, leaner and more sustainable products and services.  In 2012, venture capital firms invested an estimated $6.4 billion in Cleantech accounting for nearly twenty five percent of the $26 billion invested by VC’s .

We believe there is no better time to invest in clean technologies as companies are increasingly adopting innovative technologies to improve their bottom lines. Our continuously growing technical team identifies progressive companies with proprietary and disruptive technologies. The following represents specific areas within Cleantech our team is focused on.



Residential, commercial and utility scale solar power generation; disruptive advances in Photovoltaic, Concentrated, Thin Film and functionalized coatings; energy harvesting via Building Integrated PV (BIP); micro inverter and energy storage; grid integration; and proprietary innovations in manufacturing and deployment.

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Energy Efficiency

Information technology advances to improve efficiency such as home energy usage monitoring; Residential and commercial advances in affordable energy efficient lighting solutions; Weatherization innovations to improve whole-home efficiency; and green building advancements in construction, design, operation and neighborhood development.


Wind power generation technologies and related design innovations in turbine height, mechanical efficiency, specialized blade design per wind conditions, aerodynamics, robustness, wind modeling, advanced materials and advanced coatings; Advances in blade-less wind energy generation design; and grid-connectivity and monitoring innovations.

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energy storage

Energy storage systems and technologies that result in resilient energy infrastructure including Solid State Batteries - electrochemical storage with chemical batteries and capacitors; Flow Batteries; Flywheels - harnessed rotational energy; Compressed Air Energy Storage; Thermal - capturing heat and cold; and Pumped Hydro-Power.


carbon capture

Innovative Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) technologies that reduce or remove CO2 from the atmosphere via air capture or direct capture at the source (e.g. power plants & industrial processes), enhanced terrestrial processes, long-term non-atmospheric storage, and other disruptive sequestration techniques; Innovative cap & trade strategies.

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Conversion of biomass to various forms of biofuel for use generating power or as transportation fuel; Anaerobic digestion systems; Carbon balances associated with algae and cyanobacteria production; and advances in commercial scale algae cultivation and harvesting through photobioreactors, open ponds and fermentation.

other cleantech sectors also of interest include advanced materials, fuel cells & hydrogen, hydro & marine power, recycling & waste, Wastewater, smart grid, & transportation