Welcome, Entrepreneurs


Welcome, Entrepreneurs

You are our future and we appreciate you making the effort to connect with us. Here's what we look for...

Power Generations, Inc. is an entrepreneurial spirited organization with a primary focus on early-stage cleantech companies with strong teams, proprietary technology, and niche markets. We typically make investments in the range of $50k to $500k, often in syndications of $2-3M. Most of the companies we choose to invest in have not yet raised capital from an institutional investor and are often raising money for proof of concept, product development, and/or market expansion in advance of raising a more significant round of venture capital. Preferably the candidate company is already producing revenue or is forecasting revenues within two years. 

Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Our Investment Criteria is flexible, however meeting the following criteria will improve your chances of being considered for funding.

Strong Management Team with past experience and expertise in the company's industry

Clear Business Plan supporting your team, goals and competitive advantage

Properly protected Intellectual Property enhancing your value and competitive advantage

Large and/or rapidly growing Market Size, typically in excess of several hundred million to several billion

Realistic valuation and compatible views on potential Exit Strategy with your investors

Most importantly,

Your business, product or technology is Clean, using renewable materials and energy sources, while reducing the use of natural resources, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and cutting or eliminating emissions and wastes.

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Submit Your Company

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