Concrete is the most abundant manmade material on earth and it’s also the 2nd largest industrial emitter of CO2, the heat trapping gas that’s directly liked to climate change. CarbonCure’s proprietary retrofit technology enables producers the ability to add CO2 directly into the mix where it’s permanently sequestered. The technology also enables competitive material costs, reduced cure times, and improves strength, while reducing the carbon footprint of masonry and ready mix. CarbonCure concrete is widely available through North America’s largest concrete producers.

ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies, LLC, focuses on the development of reactor technologies to improve the efficiency of the production of hydrogen and syngas by the steam methane reforming (SMR) process. Founded in 2007, our Company has since completed all of the basic research and development to bring its first generation of reactors to the threshold of commercialization.

Florida-based Agaia, Inc. has launched Evolve a patented, "Green" line of products derived exclusively from plants, vegetables, and other natural sources, which provides cleaning at a level previously achieved only by the use of toxic, petroleum-based chemicals, detergents, solvents, and caustic acids. Agaia (pronounced A-guy-uh) presently distributes its products to North, Central, and South America, Pan Asia, Saudi Arabia, and Europe.